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High value feed ingredients

Belfeed, the universal bacterial xylanase

Belfeed benefits

Belfeed is a unique xylanase of bacterial origin. It can be used in all diets for poultry and pigs.

Its universal nature ensures the activity and effectiveness on water-soluble as well as -insoluble arabinoxylans in plant cell walls. Through this activity, Belfeed releases nutrients for the animal as well as prebiotics, which can be fermented by the animal’s good intestinal microflora.

Unique mode of action

  • Effective on all types of arabinoxylans
  • A universal potential

Cost effective energy uplift

Belfeed guarantees a high energy uplift:

  • Improved performance, when added to the same formulation
  • Reduced costs by maintaining the same performance with lower quality fibrous feedstuffs

Prebiotic activity

  • Belfeed generates prebiotic carbohydrates
  • Boosts the growth of good bacteria in the caecum and the large intestine and improves the animals’ health status

Maximum activity in the small intestine

  • Reduction of the feed viscosity in the small intestine
  • Improved feed conversion

4 solid reasons for choosing Belfeed

Belfeed guarantees a greater energy uplift through an improved performance when added to the same formulation.

The use of Belfeed can also reduce feed costs by maintaining the same performance with lower-quality fibrous feedstuffs.

By breaking down the arabinoxylans in the cell walls of the plants, Belfeed generates prebiotic carbohydrates.

This release boosts the growth of the good bacteria in the caecum and the large intestine, and consequently improves the animals’ health status.

Because Belfeed is active on soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans, it is effective on all plant cell walls, for example in wheat, corn, sunflower, soya…

This gives Belfeed its universal potential.

Bacterial enzymes work optimally in an environment with a neutral pH-range. As a result, Belfeed is very active in the small intestine where the feed remains longer and the nutrients are absorbed.

Major Benefit
Optimize feed efficiency

Use of Belfeed


Feed additive – Digestibility enhancer

Enzymatic activity

Endo-1,4- beta xylanase (EC

Standard products

Belfeed B Powder | Carrier : Wheat fl our
Belfeed B Liquid | Carrier : Glycerol


Min 10 IU/kg of feed for poultry and pigs

Different concentrations are available, with usage range from :
15-500 g/Tons for the powder products
30-200 g/Tons for the liquid products


Up to 85 °C


25 kg bags – 500 kg big bags for powder
1000 L, 200 L, 125 L and 25 L for liquid

Shelf-life (4°C-25°C)

12 months for powder
6 months for liquid



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Industrialaan 25
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

Please feel free to contact us!